Finally:  Quickly Generate runway Capital Without Having to Give Up Equity

All While attracting a strong user base that provides valuable feedback and reviews...

DealBackers is so much more than just a hungry community of deal lovers all clawing at the chance to buy your product...

It's also an entire sales and marketing team that's got your back to propel your company forward long after the initial deal has passed.

You're as much part of our success story as we are with yours.

Pitch Your Offer Directly To A Hungry Crowd

DealBackers will work with you to craft an attention demanding, sales grabbing pitch! Professional copy writers and designers will work with you free of charge (A $20,000 Value FREE) to really make sure you see the highest conversions possible.

You can then reuse that marketing material on your own website to better convert cold traffic, even long after your deal has ended with us!

From there we put your pitch directly in front of our users and watch as word spreads like wildfire across the internet.

 We handle the pre-launch and launch sequence to generate the most buzz possible while also providing tutorials and training for your product ensuring the highest user satisfaction.

Keep 90% of the profit in your pocket!

Nothing feels more better than knowing you have a year or two of funding in the bank to secure future development to bring your idea to life and grow it into something truly special.

The old way of getting bank loans attached to expensive interest rates - OR - Attracting investors who demand you give up equity while forcing you to make business decisions in their wallets best interest and not your own are finally over.

Well, there's now finally a new option for start-ups! One that lets you keep 100% of your companies equity while providing you the capitol you need and injecting a large user base at the same time!

While others will take 50%-70% of your profits behind closed doors, DealBackers only Asks for a transparent 10% cut of the deals sales.

Plus we provide you with $20,000 in marketing services to ensure it's a huge success. You won't find anything remotely like this anywhere else!

Insight Into What Your Customers Want

The fastest way to collect valuable user data, refine your product and marketing message that's ever existed is here.

Your new found backers will help reveal hidden issues with the user experience or interface that might have slipped through the cracks.

They expose the little wrinkles that need ironed out so it's a smooth experience for future, more demanding customers after the deal!

You'll soon be left with a product that's lightyears ahead of anyone else in your space with a rock solid user base.

Momentum To Carry you Into The Future

The most powerful benefit from hosting a deal on is the strong and dedicated user base flooding into your company.

These are lifelong fans and the more new customers you acquire during your DealBackers campaign, the more raving fans you can immobilize out to review sites and push for other companies to take you seriously when looking to integrate with you.

This jolt of positive reviews leapfrogs your company ahead of other start ups still struggling to acquire customers let alone reviews!

And you now have incredible feedback from a community that wants to see you succeed just as much as you do yourself! 

What's Included When You Choose Us

Hungry Backers

We have a growing, ever-expanding traffic source on tap and we're ready to open the floodgates for your business. Utilizing private networks, email marketing tactics, and our website user base, we'll give you a surge of new sales.

Affiliate Army

Good affiliates are hard to find and trained ones are even more scarce! We not only recruit new affiliates on your behalf but also give them the training and tools required to promote your offer... Even long after the deal had passed.

$20K+ Free Marketing Services

Advertising & copywriting is our secret sauce and your unfair advantage over competitors! Personally building our own brands into multiple 7 figure successes. -  We'll now do the same for you. Gaining new backers during a deal is easy! The hard realization is after a deal many companies don't realize what it takes to convert cold traffic. We have your back!

Crucial Feedback, Testing & Support

Our backers are all used to being early adopters and want to help iron out all the wrinkles helping prevent what could potentially lead to poor reviews and high refund rates down the road. Your newfound backers will also be your earliest raving fans who rally together to get you included when it comes to third-party integrations.

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