Connecting Backers With Founders Offering A Once In A Lifetime Deal

DealBackers is the vehicle enabling savvy backers and passionate founders to strap in for the ride of a lifetime!

A single, tiny investment in today's brightest founders will fuel the journey accelerating us towards tomorrow's fortunes.

Who The Heck Are We?

Chris Winters & Derek Seymour came together to co-found DealBackers so entrepreneurs could either get a once in a lifetime deal on the tools they need to grow their business


Acquire a flood of new customers all while generating startup capital without giving away any equity whatsoever.

Now read on in the next section to see which description best describes you!

Now, Which Best Describes You?

I'm an entrepreneur looking for the deal of a lifetime on tools that will help me build my business stronger, attract more customers and increase my profits!

My company has built a tool that I would like to offer a discount on exclusively to the DealBackers community. I'm looking to inject some cashflow into my startup, grow my customer base or gather feedback so I can charge a premium for my product in the future!